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Sentara Healthcare is a not-for-profit healthcare organization serving Virginia and northeastern North Carolina. It is based in Norfolk, Virginia and offers services in 12 acute care hospitals, with 3,739 beds, 853,000 members in its health plan, 10 nursing centers, and three assisted living facilities across the two states. Sentara Healthcare operates its own managed-care plan in Optima Health wh


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Current Employee - Mental Health Associate says

"Low pay Bad management Minimal skill required and shouldn’t require a bachelor’s degree. If the position were for people out of high school seeking experience in mental health it would honestly be a good opportunity but definitely not a job that should require a bachelor’s degree."

Current Employee - Patient Care Specialist says

"High turnover, never gets breaks, management are all horrible and have no real leadership skills (just because you are a good employee does not mean you a good leader)"

Former Employee - Clinical Specialist Rockingham Memorial Hospital says

"Company owns the health insurance company and cancels your insurance within days of your notice. The postmark on the insurance cancellation was after the insurance was cancelled? Leaving me with no insurance after the 12th of the month and NO advanced notice of cancellation. Other things: Generally no breaks, frequent last minute schedule changes to an already rotating schedule, lack of patient care or employee safety, lack of care by employees, no educational opportunities, negative work environment, its about the bottom line unfortunately."

Former Employee - Patient Admitting Representative says

"you would be lied to at the interview so you would agree to take the job as they are always desperately looking to hire people as everyone leaves due to a bad leadership team. The leadership, especially at the SNVMC ER registration team, would not appreciate what you would do for them but will always point out what you have done wrong"

Former Employee - Registered Nurse, BSN says

"Patients were Irritated at best ...many violent patients. Short staff! And when they are fully staffed there is a lot of insubordination from LPN and NCP."

Former Employee - Registered Nurse, BSN says

"Not enough staff. Nurse to patient ratio too high"

Current Employee - Nocturnist says

"Very poor work life balance. Intentionally understaffs the hospital and then pushes docs to work extra shifts to avoid hiring and locums."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Terrible administration and management within the building and higher up management associated with Sentara Halifax."

Current Employee - Physician says

"Poor staffing. High turnovers"

Current Employee - CNA says

"severely understaffed, high employee turnover rate, staff with bad attitudes."

RN Staff Nurse (Former Employee) says

"I’ve never been made to feel the way that I was at Sentara Northern Virginia Medical Center. Management was absolutely horrible and treated me with absolute disrespect during my time there. Staff were just as bad and very scary to work with during times of crisis and emergencies. Thankfully I am now with UVA and proud to be a part of an absolutely amazing team. In my current position I work along side doctors and RNs who know what they are doing and do it extremely well. I would not recommend any Sentara facility for employment after my time spent in this disorganized 😕 chaotic mess they call a Magnet facility. Have no clue as to who ever approved their status but they truly need to re-evaluate that for sure, smh 🤦🏼‍♀️ Excellent pay and sign on bonusManagement is mostly young kids straight out of nursing school, extremely disorganized especially where and when it matters most"

Nurse Practitioner (Current Employee) says

"This company is not supportive of the employees at all. Multiple employees of all disciplines have verbalized their frustration dealing with administration. Do not recommend them as an employer at all"

Nursing Aide (Former Employee) says

"I worked at sentara medical in Elizabeth city, this is the most ghetto hospital you well ever work in hands down. My manager sucked, the unit was always packed and the patient to caregiver ratio was always dangerously high not just on the unit I worked on making it an unsafe work environment for everyone including patients. Dont work at sentara medical center."

Operating Room Nurse (Former Employee) says

"Daily lateral violence between certain individuals that have a strong bond and work in unison to create hardships for RN they do not like and if they do not agree nor follow their twisted agenda. There is a disturbing statistic of turnover among the Operating RNs at this location. Sadly the only voices that heard are the perpetrators that manipulate and facilitate this constant revolving door of RN’s.Regaining a piece of mind when leavingDaily Passive aggressive violence"

Patient Service Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"Quick training that was not relevant to your job. Expected to know everything and when you ask for help you were bothering management. Only a clicks do"

MSW (Former Employee) says

"This is not a company that values or edifies masters level Social Workers. They are required to know the skills and operate as a nurse and are told there is no distinguishing the two in the Integrated Care Management Department. There is also a large pay disparity"

Lab Assistant (Former Employee) says

"I didn't like the dept. I was assigned to. Way to many clicks! If you din't belong to a certain group you was pretty much treated like an outcast. My co-workers were lazy and relied on me and the new hires to pull much of the work load. And they cut corners which was very bad for patient health. Nothing nice to say about Sentara Virginia Beach GeneralMy supervisor was nice.No help!"

Medical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Office closedAdministrative Medical Assistant/ LabTriage patients, update medical history and medications. Complete EKG's, Labs and Setting up the room for the doctors. Refill medications, schedule and follow up orAppointments for the patients."

Customer Service Representative (Current Employee) says

"Clock In, Immediately get treated cruely by staff, employees, patients, very hostile work environment. The rules change daily, sometimes without the staff being made aware of the changes, I have learned that Sentara cares more about their managers than the regular employees. The culture and environment is not very friendly, other workers do not pull their work load and Leadership bullies employees. No chance for advancement or promotions. The hardest part of the job is getting verbal abuse daily.noneno chance for advancement, employees always angry"

Medical Assistant (Former Employee) says

"Staff and management were very degrading. High expectations of new grads. Very unprofessional management and staff. Would never refer even my worst enemy, nor would I ever want to work there again.NoneNone"

Human Resources (Former Employee) says

"Leadership is lacking in this place of business. There is no focus on career development and advancement. It is discouraging not seeing men and minorities represented fairly in the workplace."

Registered Nurse - Orthopedic Surgical/Med-Surg (Former Employee) says

"Workload is heavy and stressful. Not a great place for new nurses. Too patient focused and not enough emphasis on employee burnout prevention. The management team plays favorites and does not advocate well for their team that works extremely hard on the unit in providing patient care.working with patientsstressful, poor management, low pay"

Registered Nurse Case Manager Care Coordination (Current Employee) says

"A typical day at work is always a challenge. Office environment is uncomfortable. The work is overwhelming almost always. Management tries to assist in changes.Process improvements reguarlyThe work does not allow you to leave on time almost always"

Scheduler (Current Employee) says

"I would look other places first before I settle here. They throw rocks and hide their hands. Racism, management favoritism and bullying. Very stressful. Low pay.Collecting a paycheck and having benefitsShort breaks, gossiping, understaffed, management sucks"

Secretary (Current Employee) says

"The pay is terrible its pretty low, actually one of the lowest paying medical jobs I have ever had. Your bonuses depend on everyone as a group not just how awesome you are at your job. You can literally give 110% and other offices do bad so you get a horrible "bonus". Your raise is just pocket change. You do get benefits offered through sentara at a lower price but if you are making terrible pay any amount that is taken out of your check leaves a dent. I think there are a lot of better jobs in Hampton Roads it just takes a while to find one but they are out there. A few other things management is terrible or at least where I work. lunch is 30 min so your better off taking your own lunch because you wont even have time to do anything during those 30 min.Hourseverything else"

LPN (Former Employee) says

"Human resources is very difficult to work with. They are very rude and condescending. Management is also rude and create hostile working environment. Do not work for this horrible health system.NoneRude and hostile employees, espically in management and HR."

Accountant (Former Employee) says

"This was by far the worst place I have ever worked. I cannot speak for the hospitals and healthcare facilities. But the corporate office was horrible. The management was narrow minded and inflexible. The corporate culture was stale and the turn over rate was very high.NothingPoor Management"

Respiratory Care Practitioner (Former Employee) says

"Sentara use to be a great place to work. I worked for the system for 18 years with a good employee record. The culture started changing along with culture of people started changing. (very high school like.) The staff was mean, hostile and very back stabbing. It is bad when people who know nothing about you personally or professionally and they set out to destroy you with LIES. It is equally bad when Management does nothing to help you and go along with the Ploy to destroy you. I have witness Managers who have fired good hard working people because the employee was ambitious and had set goals to further their careers. (completing their Bachelors or getting a Masters degree) It is no long a good place to work. Even if you are a good employee, do your work and stay out of the politics...there will be someone who will seek you out and attempt to make your work life a living nightmare. Management will not help you and you will get no support from HR. Good Luck if you choose to for this CompanyThey do have true Respiratory Therapy Driven Protocols for Critical CareVery Hostile Work Environment and Poor Manager Leadership"

Medical Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"I was a bit over the weight for someone to work the front office and be the first thing patients see so i wasn't allowed back."

Scheduler/Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Do not ever work for them. During the hiring process everyone if very kind, williing to help. Management show favoritism. Be little you. Management needs to learn patience and better trying. Management also talks poorly about new and pre existing employee. When they assign a preceptor, the preceptor was very short and unwilling to try to help. They say I don't how I can help you.Very thingNon"